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January 2011
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Aix&Terra’s gourmet Provence gets mouths watering
Richard Alibert, 45, and Benoit Destresse, 35, readily admit it: they are gourmands, gourmets and they love Provence. “We’re bon vivants, more epicurean than conceptual. We want to share our values through stylish, tasteful products,” explains Richard Alibert. Formerly in the fashion world (Bonpoint, 1,2,3, Celine, etc.), Alibert was already collecting menus from Michelin-starred restaurants from his youth. The result: the gastronomes abandoned fashion and banking in order to turn their passion into a gourmet foods brand. What is Aix&Terra’s philosophy? Reinventing the tastes of Provence’s gourmet traditions. The sixty recipes, representing all the riches of the region’s culinary craftsmanship, are mouthwatering. They include black truffle–aubergine spread, artichoke spread, fig mustard, lemon cream, honey-covered walnuts, melon-infused green tea, and other temptations. “We recruit our artisans from the four corners of Ancient Rome’s Provence, which stretches from le Drôme region to Menton. We bring together and perfect the recipes, which we test ourselves in order to choose the cream of the crop.” To add a bit of chic and glamour to the pleasures of the palate, the duo have chosen resolutely contemporary packaging. “Authentic terroir, yes, but with a contemporary aesthetic that is of our time and makes our gourmet products ideal presents. The brand’s future will be for personal consumption and as gifts.” After opening their shop in 2006 on the Place Richelme in the historic heart of Aix-en-Provence, the entrepreneurs have not just sat back and listened to the cicadas. They plan to spread their tasty delights through the French and international markets. At Christmastime, Printemps Haussmann presented their gift packages. In February, Lafayette Gourmet will unveil a new corner designed by architect François Muracciole which will be a model for the Aix store’s décor. For Valentine’s Day, Aix&Terra has created Caliminis, mini-calisson candies presented in lozenge-shaped boxes designed by fashion graphic designer Carlotta. “These are limited editions that we will refresh each season by calling on designers or fashion designers who share our values.” The Southern gentlemen would like to open a store in Paris in 2011. And “the image of Provence remains very strong in people’s minds. The Japanese adore it, as do Russian bon vivants or our German friends, who are passionate about Provence.” Through distribution or franchises, all solutions are possible for sharing the art of Provençal deliciousness.
© Ginko.
Yann Jallu, the art of exceptional materials
When he talks about his work, woodworker Yann Jallu is not the type to blow his own horn. “I don’t consider myself a designer, but rather a technician. I use my knowledge of techniques and rare materials for the decorators who bring me their projects. It’s my job to solve the problems,” the Brittany-born Jallu affirms. His modesty does not keep his order book from overflowing; he belongs to the Compagnons du Devoir guild, and his workshop has been granted the “Living Heritage Company” label. It’s not surprising. For her luxurious sites in Russia, decorator Brigitte Saby swears by the tradesman’s exceptional craftsmanship. “I do what other people don’t.” In other words, unique pieces, often made exclusively for a very private, very discreet clientele. Half of his turnover is made in Russia. His source of inspiration: Art Deco. A period that experimented with the possibilities of noble, rare materials like shagreen, rye straw marquetry, parchment, buffalo horn or precious wood veneering. For the woodworker, “It is one of the hardest styles to make, far more complicated than the Louis XV style, because the sharp lines and the glossy varnishes allow for no margin of error.” A pure product of four generations of woodworkers, Yann Jallu went off to New York to learn the age-old techniques and bring them up to date with current technologies, notably involving glues and varnishes. Decoration celebrities like Peter Marino and Thomas Pheasant have called on his expertise. Working from his workshop in Sens-de-Bretagne since 2006, the peerless artisan laments the fact that he is not better known in France among the Who’s Who of decoration. But the excellence of his work, such as gypsum and metal furniture pieces and parchment and straw marquetry desks, should give new ideas to specifiers in search of uniqueness and perfection.
© Anais Wulf.
Cousu de Fil Blanc: haute couture well-being
Nothing in the trajectories of Carole Dichampt and Caroline Burzynski-Delloye would seem to have directed them toward becoming the creators of collections of artisanal, natural soaps. And yet. Some ten years ago, Carole Dichampt, passionate about plants and beauty rituals from all over the world, created Les Elixirs, a cosmetic brand made from natural products which she then sold in order to go off and study the Chinese pharmacopeia. In the southwest part of that country, the Arts Decoratifs graduate discovered the fabric craftsmanship of the Miao communities. She developed her work as part of the fair trade movement until an earthquake hampered her projects. “But chance is sometimes a good thing. I met Caroline Burzynski-Delloye at an exhibition for a design collective on the theme of white. We wanted to work on memory and scent,” evokes the world-traveler and aromatherapist. A shared interest in those themes led to the creation of a soap collection. “Why soaps? Because they are simple, playful products that become objects. You can play with materials and colors without any need to use heavy production processes.” In June 2010, the creative team designed a very soft White collection. They perfected three exclusive soap formulas (pure vegetable soap, without dyes, paraben, or animal testing) using mountain, almond or chestnut milk. The Black collection adds Ceylon tea, spices and coffee, as well as sea algae in order to combine softness with an energizing zing. All prepared by an artisan soapmaker in Auvergne “with local honey”. And presented in simple packaging marked by white stitching and presenting the art of Caroline Burzynski-Delloye, who is also a paper designer and the author of animated books in which words are transformed into dreams. Just on the off chance, they submitted their creations to the shop Colette, not really thinking anything would come of it. “And that very same afternoon, we got an order from them,” recalls Carole Dichampt. The uniqueness of the Rehab collection, with its original packaging made from reused paper, has also attracted attention. “We seek to strike a balance between a very contemporary simplicity that privileges the beauty of technique, the quality of craftsmanship and a dreamlike dimension where words evoke a milky, floating world. These are not hard and fast design objects, but rather poetic, timeless objects that were lovingly crafted. We love beautiful, well-made things that have a real density, a real sense of soul,” emphasizes Caroline Burzynski-Delloye. The new organic alcohol-based eau de toilette line called Les Fleurs du Mal pays tribute to the poetry of Baudelaire with troubling scents of hemp, absinth and poppy. “We’re venturing into other worlds of well-being. Our developments will be unexpected, but we will come to them gradually,” announces Caroline, a dreamer who was also a manager in the publishing world before choosing a more creative activity.
© DR.
Go2prod promotes encounters between designers and manufacturers
For companies, innovation isn’t an easy thing in a climate of heightened competition where uniqueness rules the roost. For designers, finding manufacturers to edit their projects is no easy task, either. The result: in France, the number of companies using design remains one of the lowest in Europe. This fact, that having designers and industry meet up is so hard to do, led François-Xavier Faucher to create Go2prod. The professional mediating platform presents manufacturers with projects designed by industrial design specialists. “I help the two worlds to enter a dialogue. Companies are very receptive to the package, which offers advice and consulting throughout the project, depending on their needs. I help them by leading them to specify their project, and I incite the designer to offer a solution that fits their needs. We also provide a secure legal framework for the editor and the designer. Our objective? To make the projects turn into successful products,” explains the president of this marketplace for talent and skill. A specialist in strategic consulting for companies, he is well aware of the added value of creativity and has put in place a catalogue of projects open to being edited for a European network of product designers. A Milan office is opening in 2011. Watch this space.
© Go2prod.
showcases PINK DIARY
Hugo et Victor
7, rue Gomboust. 75001 Paris. France Tel. + 33 (0) 1 42 96 10 20
A tidal wave of pastry has broken over Paris. After the Left Bank, Hugues Pouget and Sylvain Blanc, a/k/a Hugo et Victor, have opened a second temple to gourmet delights a stone’s throw from the Marché St-Honoré. The concept is true to the original address: on the one hand, the “Hugos”—contemporary pastries worthy of the greatest gastronomic restaurants. On the other, the “Victors”—modern reinterpretations of the most classic pastries for those looking for a nostalgic glimpse of their childhood, with a dash of inventiveness.
© Stéphane de Bourgies.
120, rue Rambuteau. 75001 Paris. France
The Dutch chain, founded in 1926, is pushing its pawns into the heart of Paris’s Les Halles district by inaugurating its first Paris showcase. A scale model of the decoration, beauty, gourmet products and children’s items, with to-the-minute colors and graphic design. A bracing spirit of whimsy at fantastically teeny-tiny prices, on the principle of “more for less”.
32, rue des Archives. 75004 Paris. France. Tel. + 33 (0) 1 42 71 05 21
In the heart of the Marais district, this new pet store satisfies all of our urban cats’ and dogs’ whims. A selection of nearly 2,000 common or innovative products is organized according to our animal friends’ life cycles or desires: My turn to play, feeling hungry, bath time, etc.
© D. Lemaire.
27, rue de Beaune. 75007 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 40 15 03 26
A second Paris address for the premier local wine merchant offering subscription service. Organized into three zones (storage – sales – tasting) and designed by a team of architects and graphic designers, the space was conceived to offer a convivial welcome. For subscribers who have neither the time nor the space for a cellar, the Wine Sitters offer storage and maintenance for your bottles.
© Emilie Troise pour l'arrière cuisine.
22, rue Rottembourg. 75012 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 40 21 30 05
The brand, specialized in the outdoor world, is expanding its selection of furniture and accessories to the inside of the home. Modeled on the new concept used in its Paris-region showroom, the store has staged different spaces to display its indoor furniture, vintage pieces and everyday accessories, presented through the different worlds of the home. The running theme is a desire for all things natural, ethical and simple.
© Sabz.
Anne de Solène
5 Rue des Coches. 78100 Saint Germain en Laye. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 39 73 21 94
After Paris’s 7th arrondissement and Epernay, the bed linen chain has opened a third address. Located in a pedestrian sector of the city center, near the chateau, the 65m2 store showcases a minimalist style. Inside can be found all the collections, as well as guest brands such as Sonia Rykiel Maison, Esprit Home and Mexx Bed&Bath.
© DR.
Robert Le Héros
13, rue des Quatre-Vents, 75006 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 54 99 14
The half-fashion, half-decoration brand has opened a shop in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Here, 1950s furniture rubs shoulders with jewelry, fabric by the meter and fashion and home accessories. Recently sprung from the mind of Laurent Gélis, managing director and art director, is the Toc Toc line, less expensive and minimalist in design, with a little bird for its logo.
© DR.
Nouvel Odéon
6, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine. 75006 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 46 33 43 71
In Saint-Germain des Prés, Matali Crasset has designed a movie theater for the producer and distributor “Haut et Court”. The welcoming space offers a new way of experiencing the 7th art. Between a living space and a public place, it is a synthesis of the famous designer’s favorite themes: hospitality, modularity, and appropriating a space.
© DR.
15, Place du Marché Saint-Honoré. 75001 Paris. France
Created by the Chinese artist Jiji, the grumpy-looking panda will hit Parisian shores in late February 2011 in a shop designed by designer Ora Ito. On the bare Krion® surfaces will be fashion and accessories paying tribute to the cult animal. The “guerilla store” will be followed by a more permanent fixture.
© Studio Ora Ito.
Gontran Cherrier
22, rue Caulaincourt. 75018 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 46 06 82 66
After giving cooking lessons on TV and publishing seven books, the media chef has opened a bread bakery designed by Franz Potisek. Bread with curry, chickpea flour and lemon, chestnut flour… in display cases by Dutch designer Piet-Hein Eek. Some of the gourmet creations transform everyday life into a party, while others are an invitation to the faraway: an Algerian matlouh, Italian ciabatta, Portuguese country broa, bagels and Indian paratha… nomadic bread designed by Gontran can be found every weekend at the foot of Montmartre.
© DR.
32, rue des Rosiers. 75004 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 44  61 45
The cosmetic and beauty product brand Sabon has added a new address to its collection of a hundred stores throughout the world. Its products are known for their natural ingredients, such as Dead Sea salt and Middle Eastern plants. Cut to order or pre-packaged soaps, scrubs, face and body care products are displayed around a Jerusalem stone fountain to be tested.
© DR.
Scapa Home
12, Arenbergstraat. 2000 Anvers. Belgium. Tel. +32 (0)3 234 87 52
The Belgian fashion brand’s decoration line has opened a new flagship store in Antwerp, on the ground floor of an 18th century manor house. As well as household linens (bed, bath, and table linens), dishware, cushions and blankets, the store offers a collection of beds, armoires, chairs, tables and armchairs made from solid oak and crafted in Belgium. Tropical wood outdoor furniture is set in a little inner courtyard graced by an old olive tree.
© Scapa Home.
Le Baguès
La Rambla, 105. 08002 Barcelone. Spain. Tel. +34 (0) 93 343 50 00
A stone’s throw from the Ramblas, the Boqueria market, the Liceu theater and the Belen church, the first “jewel hotel” in Barcelona pays tribute to the city at the start of the 20th century. In the purest classical romantic style, the palace is a classified historical monument. Situated in the former Baguès-Masriera jewelry shop, the establishment houses a unique collection from the Masriera holdings, one of the greatest representatives of Modernism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Each room houses a “precious piece” from the collection.
© DR.
Las Casas na Areai
Na Areia. Sítio da Carrasqueira. 7580-613 Comporta. Portugal. Tel. +35 1 934418316 
An hour south of Lisbon, on a deserted beach on the Alentejo coast, four cottages built right on the sand draw waves of initiates from all over Europe. Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus has given them palm roofs and minimalist décor, but also all of the latest high-tech amenities and very cutting-edge “green luxury”. Guests rent them together, designed for eight people.
Riad Dar zaouïa
Riad Dar Zaouia. N1 Riad Zitoun Jdid Derb NaKouss Derb Zaouia. 40000 Marrakech
The Riads Angsana collection now has a sixth address, also in the Marrakech medina. A few minutes from the famous Djema El Fna square, Bahia Palace and Dar Si Said Museum, the 19th century aristocratic dwelling has been restored and given back its character of yore, with traditional techniques matched by the talent of local artisans. Each room is unique, privileging authentic materials like tadelakt and zellij. The riad is linked to five others already in place, allowing guests to circulate freely through the living spaces of each dwelling.
© DR.
restaurants PINK DIARY
Les Tablettes
16, avenue Bugeaud. 75116 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 56 28 16 16
After years working with Alain Ducasse, then at La Grande Cascade and Lasserre, chef Jean-Louis Nomicos has struck out afresh with his own personal restaurant and cuisine that follows his desire for simplicity. The place exudes a gentle, pleasant, Provençal feel. In a space enclosed by intertwined wood slats, he seats clients in a place of light and shadow, shaded by southern blinds in bright orange tones. The food is Mediterranean, chic but not overwrought, simply “homely cuisine”. Opens January 20.
Horror Picture Tea
95, rue Saint-Honoré. 75001 Paris. France
The first “rock” tearoom in France is the fruit of a collaboration between pastry chef Guillaume Sanchez and the hybrid collective Eleganz. Set in the Bistrot du 1er, this very unusual space combines innovative pastries with a tattoo parlor. In the vaulted cellar, an exhibition and live music space devoted to the world of rock aims to revitalize the French capital’s cultural scene and nightlife. The concept should sell like hotcakes.
© DR.
20, rue des Martyrs. 75009 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 56 92 19 10
The first dim-sum restaurant in Paris has opened in the heart of the bourgeois-bohemian 9th arrondissement. The steamed dumplings from China are interpreted in modern versions, eaten around large convivial tables in a décor of brick with Hong Kong eatery-style accents, quirky and chic. The brightly colored plates, illustrated with retro black and white portraits, were designed for the restaurant. Graphic designers Virginie Bergeaud and Hélène Aymer, architects Florence Arles and Maxime Dion collaborated on the spot’s visual identity.
Maison Meert
16, rue Elzévir. 75003 Paris. France. Tel. : +33 (0) 1 49 96 56 90
Founded in 1761, this Lille institution finally has a Paris outpost! Waffle biscuits, caramels, marshmallows, gingerbread, chocolates… well-honed palates can now stock up on sweet delights in a refined, 18th century Flemish-style décor designed by the Parisian architect Alberto Bali. The look and feel of the mothership have been recreated through the work of artisan restorers such as Angèle Boddaert for the paintings. The signage was revived from existing lettering found in attics in Lille.
© Maison Meert, Lille.
Dinner by Blumenthal
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA. United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0)20 7201 3833
When looking to open his first restaurant in London, Heston Blumenthal chose the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. From late January, the famous chef of the Fat Duck will serve simple, contemporary dishes inspired by old English recipes going back to the 14th century, such as a lemony salad of hay-smoked mackerel or royal beef slow-cooked with bergamot and cucumber ketchup.
Patara Wien
Petersplatz 1. 1010 Vienne. Austria. Tel. +43 199 719 38
Evoking the riches of the Thai decorative arts and those of the Austrian court, this restaurant was designed by the Hertrich&Adnet architecture firm. As at its Geneva branch, exoticism flirts with the quirkiness of two different historical and stylistic worlds.
A new Generation of lights
Galerie Kreo. 31, rue Dauphine. 75006 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 53 10 23 00
Young talents from the Ecole d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL), curated by Pierre Keller, present their luminous creations. Through February 5.
© ECAL/Béatrice Durandard /Michel Bonvin
Minimaousse 4
Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine. 1, place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre. 75116 Paris. France
Tel. +33 (0) 1 58 51 52 00
For its fourth edition, the micro-architecture competition invites students from architecture schools, as well as schools of design, art, landscaping and engineering, to “Construct something XXS for the smallest ones among us”. Over 500 projects were received, and six winning teams each created a cabin prototype at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois in Nantes. Tunisia was the honored guest country for this new edition. Through February 27. Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine. 1, place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre.
© Dominique Delaunay.
Open furniture
Musée Carnavalet. 29, rue de Sévigné. 75003 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 44 59 58 12
Madame de Sévigné’s drop leaf desk, Jacques Philippe Carel’s sloping secretary, Marcel Proust’s little table, Nicolas Petit’s chest of drawers and other wonders from Paris interiors give up their secrets. Doors, drawers and cylinders offer themselves up to visitors’ gaze and unveil their production techniques and the private lives of their owners. Through February 6, 2011.
© Dac / Ch. Fouin
I must be dreaming
4 adresses: Galerie Collection Le Marais, Je rêve ! de volupté, 4, rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris. France Talents Opéra Je rêve ! non, je cauchemarde, 1 bis, rue Scribe, 75009 Paris Talents Etoile, Je rêve ! De quoi ? 22 avenue Niel, 75017 Paris. France L’Atelier Bastille, Je rêve ! d’Eden, 55, avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris. France Tel. +33 (0) 1 44 01 08 30
The Ateliers d’Art de France’s four Paris addresses are offering a journey to the heart of dreams. Somewhere between reverie and nightmare, dreaming and sensuality, evanescent nature and fanciful visions, art artisans evoke dreams through their preferred materials: wood, fabric, ceramics, glass or metal. Their creations are put into perspective by scenographer Janik Gouriou. From February 4 to March 26, 2011.
© DR.
An obsidian gaze
Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier. 8, rue Debelleyme. 75003 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 49 96 63 00
Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc and Jean-Michel der Agobian, the founders of Cub-art, have asked thirteen designers to give their unique interpretation of obsidian, the natural glass that is as old as time. Mathilde Brétillot, Roland Daraspe, Marion Fillancq, Olivier Gagnère, Christian Ghion, Tetsuo Harada, Arik Levy, Patrick Nadeau, Elie Papiernick, Nestor Perkal, Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, Flavien Thery… each take a personal approach to giving the volcanic stone new life and new functionality. Original designs edited in series of eight, all different. From January 22 to March 12.
© R Daraspe Frederic Huijbregts.
Tony Cragg
Musée du Louvre. Rue de Rivoli. 75001 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0) 1 40 20 53 17
For the first monographic exhibition in France dedicated to the German sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, the Louvre is presenting a set of sculptures by English artist Tony Cragg, a major figure on the contemporary art scene. The Louvre pyramid will house a monumental sculpture specially created for the occasion. From January 28 to April 25.
Science fiction
Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. 30, avenue Corentin-Cariou. 75019 Paris. France
Tel. 33 (0) 1 40 05 70 00
Science fiction has entered a major museum for the first time. And with it, one of the greatest collections in Europe of original objects used in filming cult “SF” movies. The journey also explores the exceptional body of old books and manuscripts from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. With the many different media showcased, the exhibit demonstrates the riches of a longstanding dialogue between the sciences and fiction. On the border between dreams and rationality, scientific wonder procures an aesthetic and metaphysical thrill. Through July 3.
© Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.
The Impressionist and post-Impressionist painters of the Rouen school
Grognard. 6, avenue du Château de Malmaison. 92500 Rueil-Malmaison. France
Tel. +33 (0) 1 41 39 09 68
Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pisarro… The greatest artists of the day were interested in the city of a hundred bell towers and its monuments. The hundred paintings shown shed new light on this group of painters, who managed through their works to capture the ethereal, changeable, foggy atmosphere of the banks of the Seine. From January 21 to April 18.
© DELATTRE Joseph.
Miguel Chevalier. A Dialogue with the Nabis
Musée Maurice Denis. 2 bis, rue Maurice Denis. 78000 Saint-Germain-en-Laye. France
Tel. +33 (0) 1 39 73 77 87
In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the museum is opening its doors onto a world of sensations and colors. The exhibit’s guest artist, the digital artist Miguel Chevalier, has set up virtual reality installations that resonate with the museum’s paintings and décor. “Super-nature”, “Fractal Flowers”, “Digital Clouds”… His imaginary, moving gardens interact with flora by Odilon Redon, trees and clouds by Maurice Denis and Kerr Xavier Roussel’s landscape. One thing they share: sublimated nature, dear to the Nabis’ artistic themes. Through February 27.
Vincent Barré and Sylvain Dubuisson
Musée des Beaux-Arts. Esplanade Marcel Duchamp. 76000 Rouen. France. Tel. +33 (0) 2 35 71 28 40
The first exhibition that brings together architect and designer Sylvain Dubuisson and the architecture-trained sculptor Vincent Barré tells the story of two men who have been friends for forty years and who hunger for literature and space, constructions and dreams, and who enrich each other by sharing their separate vision. Through March 6.
© Musées de la Ville de Rouen, L. Salomé
1001 bowls
La Piscine. 23, rue de l’Espérance. 59100 Roubaix. France. Tel. +33 (0) 3 20 69 23 60
By inviting contemporary ceramicists from all the different continents to create a series of variations on the universal theme of the bowl, this exhibition presents a broad panorama of the vitality of current ceramic design. Visitors can thus discover the diversity of techniques and approaches. From polished smoked earth to gold-accented porcelain, all types of processes are represented, from the most archaic to the most recent. After starting out in India in 2009, this traveling show has crossed China, Korea, France and will end its run in Switzerland. Through March 6.
Musée Mandet
Musée Mandet, 14, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville. 63200 Riom. France. Tel. +33 (0) 4 73 38 18 53
After a year of renovation work, the Musée Mandet will reopen its doors on January 22, with a new department dedicated to the contemporary decorative arts. The courtyard and entry porch have regained their original 18th century form, accented by the contemporary creations of plastic artist Hélène Mugot. On the menu are works by indispensable figures in design such as Ettore Sottsass, Olivier Gagnère, Elisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, Richard Meier, Gae Aulenti, Andrea Branzi and Jean Nouvel. Contemporary gold work is the collections’ highlight.
© Musée Mandet.
Dito- From Scratch 2011
Site du Grand-Hornu. Rue Ste Louise 82, 7301 Hornu. Belgium. Tel. +32 (0 ) 65 65 21 21
When a bold design collective takes to the monumental setting of the Grand Hornu, they’re obviously going to make a splash. After Lieu du Design in Paris, the ten young designers who comprise DITO are presenting with this exhibition/manifesto their whole approach and shared research through a series of furniture pieces – shelves, chairs, table, lighting – with unique, poetic forms. The show’s scenography brings together models, drafts and photos staged in a familiar environment. From February 27 to May 29.
© Julie Linotte.
Frank O. Gehry since 1997
Vitra Design Museum. Charles-Eames-Str. 1D -79576 Weil am Rhein. Germany
Tel. +49 (0)7621 702 3200
Put together by the Triennale di Milano, this exhibition showcases a selection of the main projects designed by the Californian architect over the past thirteen years. Large-scale models and school and competition models come from the archives of Gehry Partners. Original drafts help visualize the stages in the evolution of the projects at the architect’s agency. The Vitra Design Museum thus pays tribute to the man who conceived it: a true sculpture, its building was the first work erected by the architect in Europe. Through March 13.
© Frank O. Gehry seit 1997 / Frank O. Gehry since 1997.
Free Fall
Louis Vuitton. Omotesando Bldg. 7F. 5-7-5 Jingumae. Shibuya-ku. Tokyo 150-0001. Japan
Five years after opening the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space on the 7th floor of the Champs-Elysées store, the luggage specialist is inaugurating a new space in the heart of Tokyo, in the chic Omotesando district. A breathtaking ethereal space with 8m-high ceilings, the place tops the building, which is inspired by a stack of suitcases, designed by architect Jun Aoki in 2002. Each year it will host three exhibitions. French artist Xavier Veilhan is the first guest. Through May 8.
© Hideki Inaba.
A way of life
Interior designer Alexandra de Pfyffer invents exceptional spaces where refined elegance born of a “mix of imagination and creativity, skill, enthusiasm, sometimes audacity, also sharing, and above all, love.” Her decorative projects happily blend styles, eras, cultures, fine materials and extreme attention to the details that create a sense of chic. “My approach is like that of haute couture,” she says, explaining her idea of domestic luxury.
Editions Archibooks. 27€
Pierre Paulin, the Ring seat
By Elizabeth Védrenne. A tribute to the great designer Pierre Paulin, who passed away in 2009, through his last design, edited by Ligne Roset. Prefaced by Michel Roset, the new volume from the Cahiers collection tells the story of the “Ring” seat, with its taut, inspired lines. A reproduction of the seat’s original draft accompanies a limited edition of 100 copies.
Editions Norma. 49€
Original soundtrack
Pierre Gagnaire, Chilly Gonzales. Photos by Jacques Gavard. What happens when a three-star chef and a jazz lover meet up with a musician who likes to eat well? It leads to a fine association, “four-handed” cuisine, with 175 recipes that are hyper-gourmet yet not too convoluted, an hour-long CD of cool music, and mouthwatering photos that make you want to get in front of a stove.
Editions Flammarion. 49€
© Editions Flammarion.
Pleyel - publi editorial
Pleyel - scènes d’intérieur - Hall 7 - Stand F66
Show-Room des Pianos Pleyel. 252 bis, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 75008 Paris. France
Tel. : +33 (0)1 45 61 53 00.
Within its Manufacture in Saint-Denis (93) in the suburb of Paris, Pleyel blends instrumental making, know-how and creativity to manufacture and edit pianos signed by contemporary artists (Aki Kuroda, Marco Del Re), designers (Andrée Putman, Hilton McConnico), and reproduces emblematic Art Deco models created by interior designers decorators (Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann). Pleyel also manufactures high-end contemporary furnitures from its woodwork know-how in collaboration with designers such as Hilton McConnico and Michele De Lucchi. Strenghten by its rare craftsmanships, Pleyel works on made-to-measure pieces realized in special order for professionals, decorators, interior designers or individuals.
© DR.
yachting spirit
A whole space dedicated to yachting as an art of living. The companies specializing in developing and decorating exceptional yachts will be on hand at scènes d’intérieur hall 7, at the heart of the luxury and design pole.
© alexis andrews.
Paris des Chefs, 3rd edition Cuisine & Design on stage, as we like it!

Before a general audience, exceptional “double acts” formed by great chefs and designers from all horizons will explore the theme “Invisible and Visible”. While the french gastonomical meal has just made the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the creative energy that is shaking up cuisine has never been so contagious. From Saturday, January 22 to Monday,January 24, in Amphitheater 401. Parc des Expositions, Paris Nord Villepinte


New: Interior decoration ACTUEL in hall 5B
A new territory for expressing a rich offer revolving around the greatest trends in contemporary decoration.

© Fillioux.
Résidences Décoration café
At the heart of the Hall 5B, a new place to relax and have a bite to eat and drink is now at your disposal. Have a “gourmand break” at the new “Residences Décoration” café. Check-out the unusual decoration by Slide Design which respects the magazines unique aesthetics.
© Résidences Déco.
Home fashion conferences hall 5B
The MAISON&OBJET lecture series and its participants invite you to a new season of home-fashion analysis. Download the program at
Café Artravel
Ensconced in Hall 8, at the entrance of now! design à vivre, the ARTRAVEL café is a true sensation to be experienced. Created as part of a partnership with the eponymous home decoration magazine and in collaboration with Skitsch, Ligne Roset, Moooi, Poltrona Frau, Cerruti Baleri and Silvera, this café will be modelled on their image: chic, contemporary and refined. This uniquely designed lounge space also offers the possibility to have a “champagne happy hour” break from 5 to 6 every day thanks to the new internet site As a lifestyle magazine, the ARTRAVEL café will identify with the ways of living reflected by the attitudes and visitors of MAISON&OBJET.
© DR.
rendez-vous 2011 AGENDA
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
scènes d'intérieur
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
now! design à vivre
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
craft, l'espace métiers d'art
January 21-25, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
Paris des Chefs

January 22-23-24, 2011
Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte

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