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June 2009
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french decor DECOR ECHOES
 Interview with Sir Jean Claude Labarère - CEO of Labarère Meubles de Navarre


Sophie Digard goes for a change of scale
77, boulevard Jean Baptiste Clément. 92100 Boulogne Billancourt. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 46 99 04 19
With exclusive work on material and colors, crocheted fashion accessories have garnered renown for the designer Sophie Digard. For the past nine years, her creations have filled our lives with color. “I have always been fascinated by the secret stories within crossed threads. But I am not a product of the world of fashion and I don’t feel compartmentalized,” explains the designer-entrepreneur, who defines herself as “half concrete and half dreamy.” Today, her world encompasses the decorative register, as she has produced a line for the home. In September, visitors will discover cushions, blankets, sheets, Christmas decorations, kitchen towels and even dolls decorated with embroidery. But also armchairs and sofas covered with crocheted or knitted thread. “It’s not because someone knows how to sing that they don’t know how to dance! Thread is the running theme of my creations, and I plan to develop children’s items. Everything interests me; only the techniques change.” In fashion, as in decoration, her taste for the more-than-perfect can be seen: “My work is beyond time. It takes from ten days to two months to create a scarf, and several months of work for an armchair.” This approach helps a thousand artisans in Madagascar live; they work hundreds of stitches in fifty different colors. The quality and design will entice a clientele looking “to be touched by a product that can be kept for a long time, on that has the value of work, as opposed to the current logic of urgency.”
fauteil Sophie Digard.
© Amélie Grasser.
A new shareholder for Daum
Working with capital since 2000, the capital investment firm Axa Private Equity has transferred its majority holdings in the Daum crystal works to Fiancière Saint Germain. The latter group, owned by the family of businessman Prosper Amouyal, has already acquired the Haviland porcelain works, the Cristalleries Royales de Champagne and the Félix gold works. The holding has the half of Lalique’s capital. The investor plans to form a new luxury pole based on “a strong heritage, a unique set of skills.” It would like to develop a multi-brand distribution network modeled on the Haviland-Lalique store in London and soon in New York. Sophie Le Tanneur, who came on board in 2005 to shore up the company, will still hold the reins of the historic crown jewel of French crystal manufacturers, founded over 130 years ago. The Financière Saint Germain declares it would like to invest in the Vanne Le Châtel production site, near Nancy. For Daum, this change should be “an extraordinary lever for potential growth for a healthier brand.”
MATERNITY BLISS – œuvre de Laurence Dréano pour Daum, sculpteur et peintre française.
Maternity Bliss appartient à la dernière collection de Daum et est éditée à 375 ex, en cristal ultraviolet. H : 26,5 cm.
© DR.
Mathieu Lenorman pays a tribute to Gustave Eiffel
31, rue de Beaune. 75007 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 42 60 69 82
Metal is his material of predilection. “I don’t know why, or how, but it draws me,” admits Mathieu Lenorman. After two years of initiation with an ironwork workshop and a stint in antiques, the designer-decorator gave up on transforming 18th and 19th century balcony grates into dressers and tables. He prefers to design and produce made-to-order or limited-edition tables inspired by industrial furniture, like the Usine and Loft lines. His craftsmanship attracted decorator Jacques Garcia, who ordered steel furniture from him. He also designed the furniture for the stores of American designer John Varvatos. “I adapt to the needs of my clients as far as dimension and style go. It’s the only way of standing out from the crowd with a clientele of interior designers, as well as private individuals.” The latest collection, FL, is an homage to Gustave Eiffel, the master of metal architecture whose tower is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. “We are coming back to minimalist lines and raw materials.” The designer does not hesitate to “warm up” the metal: he associates it with fine materials such as aged oak floorboards, natural stone from the Perigord, slate from Angers, glass and mirror.
Table collecton
Not without reason
19, Rue du dragon. 75006 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)6 73 46 64 34
At the age of 26, Martial Dumas has already created three companies. For this fashion management graduate, it’s all a matter of opportunity, networking and passion. A native of Limoges, in 2008 he founded the porcelain brand Non Sans Raison to “serve as a bridge between designers and manufacturers.” His obsession? Giving new shine to the ancestral craftsmanship of Limoges porcelain. The Avant Ici Maintenant collection thus masterfully displays the extreme purity and translucent aspect of extra-white kaolin by “inserting a platinum pattern that gives it luxurious, contemporary cache.” The Galerie Joyce in Paris noticed this brilliant start. Then it was the Bon Marché that requested exclusive distribution. “That incredible showcase gave our approach credibility.” After the Chronos collection and its game of graphic composition, the new Square collection banks on a cubist inspiration and pile-up effects. “Today in luxury, we are attracted by fragility and a lightness that doesn’t last. This luxury of fragility creates complexity and nobility. Because it demands technical know-how and precious craftsmanship that are outsize the sphere of standardization,” explains Martial Dumas, who admits to having but a single muse: Andrée Putman.
Chronos platine, service empilé.
© Romain Dumas.
Interview with Ms Trudy Van Der Wansem - Head of Kids Gallery


Laurette cultivates a vintage spirit for children’s bedrooms
77, boulevard Jean-Baptiste Clément. 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 46 99 04 19
A change of direction for Laurette, the furniture brand for children’s rooms. For the past four years, its founder, Laure Bailleux, has been restoring rummage-sale furniture. “I learned the trade from my father-in-law, who works at a flea-market. We completely overhauled furniture and I repainted them in colors that weren’t ‘cutesy’ like chocolate or verdigris. The contrast between nostalgic forms and contemporary tones creates collections that challenge the usual stereotypes in furniture,” explains the criminal law graduate, who preferred the world of decoration to a criminology institute. In order to respond to a growing demand, she launched into the production of solid beech furniture. The style “has kept its vintage soul.” There is the successful exercise of transforming a shoe-shine stool, an accountant’s desk or small buffet tables into changing tables for babies, with a nostalgic charm that has attracted professionals. The designer is preparing a “green bean” table collection for children and a doll version of the Caravan bed. To expand her clientele to private individuals, Laure Bailleux is opening a store and preparing web sales.
Quai Sud mixes tastes
10, rue Dr Roux. BP 360. La Farlède. 83077 Toulon. Cedex 9. France. Tel. +33 (0)4 94 00 60 20
Sugar scented with poppy flowers or lavender, cocoa with tastes of ginger or gingerbread, sea salt with saffron or green tea, Violet in Love or Shocking Rose herbal teas… the scented creations of Quai Sud are mouthwatering with their gourmet aromas, which flush perfectly with today’s tastes. After innovations in concocting preparations for flavoring vodkas, rums and cocktails, the Toulon-based company pursued its quest for striking tastes. “For years, we wanted to work on a project for a range of chocolate bars. This is a new trade we’re discovering,” reveals Caroline Gérin, founder of the brand with Thomas Weller, who is in charge of marketing. Dark chocolate pairs with crushed strawberries and white pepper, or with tastes of nougat and raspberry. In order to stand out from the multitudinous offer on the chocolate market, this mid-sized company also reconfigured the shape of the bar: not squares, but inscriptions in the material. The packaging will avoid the traditional cardboard wrapper for a very attractive zip-up aluminum pouch. “The packaging should be eye-catching, because that is how impulse purchases happen.” Specialty food shops such as the Grande Epicerie in Paris, gift stores and decoration stores such as Du Bruit dans la Cuisine carry these appealing, high-quality products. “We bring people a small, accessible pleasure that gives everyday life a bit of whimsy.” In order to face a flush of growth, the company has taken up a 5,000m2 site. Fifty percent of the company’s turnover is made through exporting to countries such as Germany, Spain or Italy, as well as Canada and Russia. “And we’re starting with the Chinese market, where French cooking has a very good image.”
Mélange pour vodka aromatisée
world decor DECOR ECHOES
Massant steps outside
Domaine de Courson. 91680 Courson-Monteloup. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 64 58 90 12
It was during the prestigious Plant Days at the Domaine de Courson that Thierry Massant presented his first collection of chairs destined for outdoor living. With help from Dominique Malcor, a specialist of 18th century chairs, the Belgian designer imagined a collection “that could have existed at a time that had no seats and chairs made for the garden.” The technique respects the rules of traditional woodwork and the elegant proportions of 18th century French furniture, with wood that is sculpted, molded, and decorated, with aged or chipped finishes. But quirkiness and whimsy remain de rigueur, as with a Louis XV armchair upholstered with “Sleep” fabric.
© Yann Monel.
Naked beauty
It’s time to stop with useless packaging to lessen waste and preserve our planet’s resources. Through the initiative of its founder Mark Constantine, the British brand of fresh, hand-made cosmetics Lush, has set the tone by privileging beauty in bulk and encouraging its clients to purchase “naked” products without useless packaging. By producing solid shampoo, the eco-responsible brand has cut out the use of nearly three million plastic bottles. As part of its “Naked” campaign, a reusable wrapper bag is offered to clients; paper, cardboard and metal can packaging is made from recycled material and is reusable.
Equipe lush, produits, sacs lush..
showcases PINK DIARY
64, rue Bonaparte. 75006 Paris. France. Tel. + 33 (0)8 00 55 52 53
The Golden Triangle of the Left Bank is converting to the aromas of the great varieties of coffee. Over 400m2, Francis Krempp has designed the coffee machine brand’s 18th store in a style marked by curves and cubes. Its contemporary elegance showcases materials such as Castiliian stone on the floor, Wenge wood and white lacquer for the furniture, and glass for the counter. Upstairs, a multicolored striped décor made from the colors of the sixteen coffees, makes the Tasting space a mouthwatering place.
Boutique Nespresso Bonaparte.
© Nespresso.
Jean-François Lesage
7 bis, rue des Saints-Pères. 75007 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 58 62 41 36
Based in Madras, India, Jean-François Lesage’s embroidery works has opened its first embassy on the Left Bank. Collections of cushions, blankets, curtains and other textile creations are a masterful demonstration of the ancestral craftsmanship of Indian embroiderers and the refinement of the French designer.
visuels d'intérieurs et facade de la boutique.
© DR.
35, rue Guénégaud. 75006 Paris. France
The new ultra-select perfumery brand/store imagined by François de Grossouvre with a space designed by Saguez & Partners brings together an original selection of independent brands of niche cosmetics and perfumes. In three “sections” embodied in three spaces (Cocoon Room, Room for Men, Seduction Room) the décor for the “magazine-store for the senses” plays on freshness and simplicity with compressed books recycled as furniture and play with typography on the walls.
4, rue de Varenne. 75007 Paris. France. Tel. + 33 (0)1 42 22 21 67
In a pretty cabinet of curiosities on the Left Bank, Fauve D’Arsac shakes of the codes of precious things by combining the creations of contemporary jewelers with unusual objects picked up during her wanderings.
Boutique Fauve.
© DR.
Cink Home – Cink Sens
CINK HOME: 103, rue de la république. 84400 APT. France
CINK SENS: 41, rue des marchands. 84400 APT. France
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 71 87 69 +33 (0)4 90 71 88 41
After the Mas de Cink and its elegant guest rooms in the heart of the Lubéron in Provence, the stylist and interior decorator Karine Vaudaux has opened two boutiques in the center of this Provençal city. One is devoted to décor, in a spirit of mixing styles and revisited authentics, and the other to well-being. With a nice selection of refined brands such as Maison de Famille, It’s about Romi, Etoiles du Sud, Baobab, Ekobo, etc.
Photo de produit en vente dans la boutique Cink Home.
© DR.
Le Palais Le Furst
6, place de Furstemberg. 75006 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 55 42 98 81
In the building that housed the home of painter Eugène Delacroix, Louis-Albert de Broglie, founder of the Prince Jardinier, has opened a showroom that can be visited by appointment only, to discover objects designed by the Prince Jardinier for the house of Deyrolles, as well as objects of curiosity from that atypical character’s personal collection.
Palais Furst.
© DR.
2 Place de La Défense. 92800 Puteaux. France. Tel. +33 (0) 826 107 207
The furniture and decorative accessories chain is back in the heart of the La Défense business district. With 1,500m2 of floor space, its 25th store – and 8th Paris retail space – showcases the brand’s diverse collections.
Paysage Intérieur Extérieur
8-9, Quai de Serbie. 69006 Lyon. France. Tel. +33 (0)4 37 47 20 29
After Grenoble, the architects Anne-Laure Quer and Jérôme Faure are cultivating their conception of outdoor furniture design destined for an urban clientele. They are developing the garden as a 5th room in the house, as well as terraces and balconies as true living rooms, with brands such as Serralunga, Driade, Fermob, Tribu, Quinze&Milab, Gandia Blasco, etc. The store also offers made-to-order shade sails.
Le Palais des Thés
31 Wincklow street. Dublin 2. Irland. Tel. + 353 1 67 08 752
Behind its Chinese red façade in the Grafton Street business district, the French brand specialized in teas for connoisseurs has imported its know-how to the Irish capital, the number one tea-consuming city in Europe, with 3.17 kg per inhabitant per year. In a contemporary décor unlike that of traditional tea rooms, the new store offers 300 varieties, along with products from the world of tea and expert consultants trained at the Ecole du Thé.
Boutique le Palais des Thés: intérieur de la boutique ( mur de boites et libre service interieur olfactif).
© DR.
Crowne Plaza Champs Elysées
64, avenue Marceau. 75008 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 44 43 36 36
In a former mansion in a swank neighborhood, design meets art. Behind a Haussmann-era façade, a piece by Raymond Moretti welcomes the guests of a new hotel. Bruno Borrione, a collaborator of Philippe Starck’s for the past twenty years, has designed the very contemporary luxury of the sixty rooms and suites. Accessories signed by the great names in 20th century design, such as Le Corbusier, Starck or Noguchi, rub elbows with the exclusive creations of Bruno Borrione and match the Kenzo and Missoni blankets.
Jardins Saint-Benoit
11220 Saint Laurent de la Cabrerie. France. Tel. +33 (0)4 67 11 87 15
Miguel Espada, owner of the hotel group Garrigae Resorts, has been developing his art of living in charming estates in the South of France. At the foot of Corbières, among the abandoned medieval gardens and vineyards, he has given new life to 23 vintner’s homes with private pools. The pedestrian-only grounds, made up of 171 lodging units and covered by surveillance, targets a family clientele. The animal farm, vegetable patch and medieval gardens, as well as educational games, will appeal to the young ones. And herbal steam baths at the Garrigae spa will relax adults. The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and aims at sustainable development by privileging local products.
les Jardins de Saint Benoît.
© DR.
La Réserve
Chemins de la Quessine. 83350 Ramatuelle. France. Tel. +33 (0)4 94 44 94 44
Michel Reybier, founder of the Reserve Hospitality Collection, called on architect, urban planner and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte to embody his vision of hotel luxury, combining comfort and health. Facing the Mediterranean, a palette of natural tones transforms the building of the hotel-spa, which dates back to the 1970s. Rugs from Tai Ping and Paolo Lenti, furniture from Moroso, B&B, Flexform, etc., play the card of minimalist serenity. The first establishment in France from the high-luxury cosmetic brand La Crème de Mer proposes a list of well-being treatments revolving around the innovative concept of “Better Aging.”
La réserve Ramatuelle.
© DR.
Kube Hotel
Route de Saint-Tropez. 83580 Gassin. France
The Murano Hotels&Resorts group, spearheaded by Jérôme Foucaux, is pursuing its hotel conquest of trendy vacation spots. After opening the Murano in Marrakech, the concept of a luxury technological hotel, Kube Hotel, has come to animate the St. Tropez scene with minimalist architecture and soft décor in tones of white and gray, interpreted in materials such as Corian and steel. The La Cox design agency and Ligne Roset designed the furniture. New technologies work in the service of eco-chic, with LED lighting, Canadian wells for heating and air conditioning, hybrid cars, etc. The mini-resort, with two pools, a spa, and a fitness center, also plays the card of well-being. The Ice Kube by Grey Goose and the champagne bar will refresh torrid evenings.
KUBE hotel Saint-Tropez.
© La Cox.
Felix Hotel
W. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60654. USA. Tel. +(1) 31 24 47 34 40
Luxury goes in for some eco-design in this boutique hotel that combines ecology and elegance behind the façade, dating back to the 1920s, of the former Wacker Hotel. Certified Silver LEED, the building offers a healthy, chic environment with materials that respect the environment in order to reduce the carbon footprint.
Hotel Felix Chicago.
© Scott Thompson.
Naoura Barrière
Rue Djebel Alakdar Bad Doukkala. 40000 Marrakech. Marocco. Tel. + 212 (0)5 24 45 90 00
A stone’s throw from Jemaâ El Fnaa square, the Barrière Group has opened a luxurious oasis, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, with 85 suites and three dreamy ryads. The 1,000m2 U spa is an homage to the languor of the Orient. Come in for exclusive treatments designed by the brand Les Sens de Marrakech, made from Barbary fig seed oil, orange blossom, jasmin and other exquisite scents.
restaurants PINK DIARY
113, avenue du Président Wilson. 75016 Paris. France
The home appliance group Electrolux has joined forces with plastic artist Laurent Grasso, winner of the 2008 Marcel Duchamp prize, and chef Gilles Stassart, for a gastro-artistic project. After the Hotel Neverland, Nomiya, designed by Laurent Grasso, will land on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo from July 1 through the end of the year. Around a single white Corian table, the space inspired by Japan’s minuscule private bars. Combining the plastic arts and the culinary arts, Gilles Stassart cooks up a gustatory experience with a menu that changes daily for twelve guests, as well as leading a culinary workshop. Meanwhile, landscaper Pierre-Alexandre Risser has designed a vegetable garden with a view of the Paris sky and the Eiffel Tower. Reservations are taken one month in advance on the website.
vu de la structure Nomiya intérieur et extérieur.
© Agence Vaudoo, Photographe Maxime Schaal.
Le Paradis du Fruit
47, avenue Georges V. 75008 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 47 20 74 00
Philippe Starck has recreated paradise guided by the theme of pleasure and the not-at-all-forbidden fruit. Beneath a luminescent ceiling, the lengthwise décor uses noble materials such as mahogany or the mirror-polished stainless steel of the bar. The Murano glass chandeliers evoke branches, as do the pillars, made to look like tree trunks. Fourteen giant plasma screens broadcast videos designed by Cake Design in a musical atmosphere signed by Sound Walk. And at the stroke of midnight, a radical change of décor takes place through the magic of lighting.
Centre Georges Pompidou. 19, rue Beaubourg. 75004 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 44 78 12 33
The museum shows its female collections by bringing together 500 works from 200 female artists, from the early 20th century to today, from all disciplines and nationalities. A worldwide first, where visitors can see works from emblematic figures such as Sonia Delaunay, Frida Kahlo, Louise Bourgeois, Annette Messager, Orlan, Sophie Calle, Matali Crasset, etc. Through May 24, 2010.
Honoring Women, Too
Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier. 8, rue Debelleyme. 75003 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 49 96 63 00
It’s time to acknowledge the female side to art. 25 women creators – from Sonia Delaunay to Yayoi Kusama by way of Nicola L. – take the reins and affirm their vision of the world.
Galerie Antonine Catzéflis. 23, rue Saint-Roch. 75001 Paris. France
German plastic artist Gundula Weber invents animal trophies made from cut-out paper. Sheep, polar bears and zebras make up a bestiary that is less innocent than it seems. Through October 28.
le bélier de l'artiste Gundula Weber.
© Hadrien Courtier.
Madeleine Vionnet, Fashion Purist
Musée des Arts Décoratifs. 107, rue de rivoli. 75001 Paris. France. Tel. +33 (0)1 44 55 57 50
The grande dame of design Andrée Putman has staged the creations of Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975), a grande dame of fashion who shook up the codes of elegant clothing by using the fluidity of bias cuts to design ancient goddess-style dresses. The Haute Couture of this innovative genius remains a source of inspiration for today’s designers. Through January 31, 2010.
Gustave Eiffel. The Steel Magician
Hôtel de Ville. Salle Saint Jean. 5, rue de Lobau. 75004 Paris. France
The star of the World Exhibition from atop its 300 meters, the Eiffel Tower, “an odious column of bolted sheet-metal,” was slated for destruction. In celebration of the 120th anniversary of that symbol of Paris, it is time to celebrate the innovative genius of Gustave Eiffel, an exceptional engineer and a poet of metal, with show design by Renaud Piérard. Through August 31.
Majorelle. A Modern Art of Living
Galerie Poirel. 3, rue Victor Poirel. 54000 Nancy. France
In celebration of the birthday of Louis Majorelle (1859-1926), a retrospective exhibition pays homage to the work of this “industrial artist,” a woodworker and decorative artist who created a highly recognizable style at the dawn of Art Nouveau. The 170 pieces from his factory are a testimony to the creativity of this member of the Nancy School. Through August 30.
Louis Majorelle, coiffeuse et tabouret.
© G. Bergkrantz.
Georg Baselitz
Hôtel des Arts. 236, boulevard du Général Leclerc. 83093 Toulon. France
A major figure in German art, the painter Georg Baselitz remains, at the age of 71, the provocative rebel he was when he started out on the art scene. His pictorial and sculptural work remains marked by creative destruction, at war with art, history and the artist himself. Through September 27.
Zero fur den Maler.
© Hotel des Arts de Toulon.
On foot, by bike, boat or bus, discover the creations of the international artists who have taken over the Loire estuary, from Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, invited by Jean Blaise. You can even sleep in a new Noah’s Ark. A playful, refreshing, festive and convivial itinerary for living creation by the waterside. Through August 16.
Making Worlds
Venise. Italy
The 53rd session of the Venice Biennial, overseen by curator Daniel Birnbaum, gives artists the chance to “construct worlds.” Utopias may not be on hand, but the best and brightest from the contemporary art scene will be present, from Bruce Nauman to Steve McQueen by way of Miquel Barcelo. Some 90 artists representing 77 countries. For the French Pavillion, Claude Levesque has installed a large metal cage titled the Great Evening. Through November 22.
Paper Fashion
ModeMuseum - Musée de la Mode. 20 Nationalstraate. Anvers. Belgium
From the Sixties to today, paper has appeared as an alternative material for fashion designers, as can be seen in the 400 models from the Atopos collection. Through August 16.
International Center for Lace and Fashion
Quai du commerce. 62100 Calais. France.
The architects Alain Moatti and Henri Rivière have designed the architecture for the rehabilitated Boulart factory, with its convex glass façade and museography that pays homage to the art of lace-making.
Cité Internationale de la dentelle et de la mode de Calais.
© Michel Denancé, Florian Kleinfenn.
MuDe. Musée du design et de la mode. 24, rua Augusta. Lisbon. Portugal
In a former disused bank, the new museum is showing 171 design pieces “that have transformed mentalities, the image of the body, the design of living spaces, and the very idea of design.” Through October 11.
Life in Color
Musée de l’impression sur étoffes. 14, rue Jean-Jacques Henner. 68072 Mulhouse. France
Tel. +33 (0)3 89 46 83 00
Through over a hundred creations spread out over 500m2, discover the imaginative vitality of Zofia Rostad and her graphic world. Fabrics, wallpaper and rugs with geometrical, floral or playful patterns are a testimony to her art of seeing the positive side of life through color and poetic graphics. Through October 25.
Exposition La vie en couleurs: Zofia Rostad et illustrations de l'exposition.
© DR.
Green Architecture for the Future
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Gl. Strandvej 13. 3050 Humlebæk. Danemark. Tel. +45 49 19 07 91
The second exhibition in the “Frontiers of Architecture” series presents four architectural projects that offer answers to the threat of climate change and question the future of the city. Jose Luis Vallejo and Belinda Tato, Foster + Partners, François Roche and R&Sie(n), as well as Philippe Rahm, offer radically different approaches to sustainable, responsible architecture. The French François Roche is also showing the prototype of a building that includes its own system of destruction. Designed from a water-soluble sugar- and corn-based polymer, the wall progressively disappears through contact with moisture. Through November 4.
Mapping the Studio
Punta della Dogana. Dorsoduro. Venise. Italy
Right in the middle of the Venetian lagoon, the flag of Brittany flies over the former maritime customs building renovated by architect Tadao Ando. After the Palazzio Grassi, François Pinault’s second center for contemporary art houses a collection including some 300 works by major artists such as the Chapman brothers, Paul McCarthy, Maurizio Cattelan, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, etc.
New Designers 2009
Business Design Centre. 52, Upper Street. Londres N1. United Kingdom. Tel. +44 (0)20 72 88 67 38
All the apprentice-designers in the kingdom – that is, nearly 3,500 participants – are showing their creations. A chance to meet the budding young figures in tomorrow’s British design to observe emerging trends. From July 9 to 12, and from July 16 to 19.
James Peixoto
Bucks New University
HND Furniture Design & Craftsmanship
''Cappriccio'' ou Daniel Durnin
Rycotewood Furniture Centre
Furniture Design
''Cabinet'' ou Amy Jameson
London Metropolitan University
''Vessel'' ou logo .
© Amy Jameson London Metropolitan University Furniture.
Meteorological Architecture
18-20, rue de la Perle. 75003 Paris. France
By Philippe Rahm. The architect Philippe Rahm includes the idea of climate before an architectural project gets put into place. It’s not only a matter of responding to the current worries about global warming or sustainable development, but also a “magical re-enchantment” of the home, at the crossroads of science and a poetry of air, emptiness and the invisible. “Our idea today is to invent a new story of emptiness, one that is dynamic, open, plastic, meteorological, interpretable, and free from the fear of producing new climates; a new form of beauty like so many sensory atmospheres, in which the inhabitant can immerse himself sensually.” The result of this highly innovative approach: “A more sensual relationship to space.”
Editions Archibooks. 19€
Couverture du livre
Changing Décor
By Philippe Model. Designer Philippe Model is a virtuoso of transforming interior décor. He’s got a knack for giving amazing charm to largely uninteresting places or presenting an architectural problem to resolve. His secret: making the best of a place’s flaws by playing the card of whimsy. The result: a gold mine of inspiring ideas to borrow from in order to make one’s everyday décor more theatrical.
Editions du Chêne. 29.90€
The Great Paris, in the Wings of Consulting
18-20, rue de la Perle. 75003 Paris. France
By Michèle Leloup and Marion Bertone. Ten French and foreign agencies offer up their propositions for designing the contours of the Great Paris of the 21st century. “The objective of the upcoming works is not to expand the capital, but to stimulate its economic, social and environmental mechanisms as a mark of its competitiveness, in order to set good foundations for its place on a global scale for the next twenty-five years,” explain the authors. The creativity of the hypotheses imagined is worthy of this major goal. Will Paris become an archipelago of cities unfurling along the Seine to the sea, as Antoine Grumbach & Associés proposes, or a metropolis that is “open, sensitive, poetic and ecological, but especially more fair, beautiful, and with great solidarity” as foreseen by the Castro-Denissof-Casi workshop? Show a rhizomatic development of the city be favored in order to break the concentric stasis, as the team of Christian de Portzampac suggests, or “break the rules of current urban planning” as Jean Nouvel and his team recommend? Djamel Klouche’s project goes against the grain of ecological preoccupations by supporting the use of individual cars. As for the Descartes-Yves Lion group, it wants to “pump [Ile de France] up with chlorophyll.” The project of German Lin-Finn Geipel calls for “a change of spatial and metal brackets.” The Dutch MVRDV imagine Paris as “a concentrate of well-being.” The British team of Richard Rogers has put in place an anti-CO2 attack plan. The Italians at Studio 09 prefer to interconnect spaces with each other. The future will doubtless show that the key to regenerating Paris will result from combining the fruit of these exciting analyses and scenarios. The questions of architects, urban planners and researchers delve into the problems of defining a metropolis on the eve of 2030-2050. 21.50€.
Editions Archibooks.
Couverture du livre
now! design à vivre, 
the relevant, high-quality expression of design
For over a decade, now! design à vivre has been developing, twice a year, a relevant, high-quality expression of design by federating the many expressions of a market that brings together creators, editors and manufacturers. In September 2009, in hall 5B, now! design à vivre will welcome many standout propositions brought by renowned designers associated with resolutely forward-looking collections for an offer of contemporary products with high added value. Furniture, decorative objects, lighting, fabrics... Please find, attached: detailed, concrete information on the sure values of this new session.
© DR.
rendez-vous 2009 AGENDA
September 4-8, 2009 Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
scènes d'intérieur
September 4-8, 2009 Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
now! design à vivre
September 4-8, 2009 Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
MAISON&OBJET l projets l
September 4-8, 2009 Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte
MAISON&OBJET outdoor_indoor

September 4-8, 2009 Exhibition Centre of Paris Nord Villepinte

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